Laravel 5.6 release notes

February's major release of Laravel was rolled out today with many welcomed changes.  The next major release is scheduled for August 2018.

LTS updates will be available for 5.5 for 2 years and security updates for 3 years.

What's new?

Logging Improvements

The biggest upgrade is in the logging system.   Being able to send different log types to different handlers is a huge change.  We use Loggly for most of our logging, but use Slack for information related to purchases.  This lets us easily send to different, or multiple, handlers any time.

Task Handling

One thing 5.6 is bringing out is a change to the task handling system.  There is now an option to just run a task on one server.  This used to be only needed for enterprise level applications that spanned multiple servers.  Now that we are in the age of cloud computing and adding another instance is just a few clicks away, everyone can benefit from this.  We run multiple scraping instances from a code base and designate one as a clean up operation. This makes the task much simpler. 

API Controller Generation

This is really an improvement from the default make:controller method to tailor it more towards API calls.  It will help keep your code base lean and clean.

Bootstrap 4

Although we don't use Bootstrap all that often, there is no debating that it is a huge part of the web.  Now, all front-end scaffolded parts like the user auth system are using Bootstrap by default.  That makes getting your app up and running, according to modern web standards, even easier.

Other Changes

There are plenty of other items we didn't include, not limited to dynamic rate limiting, broadcast channel classes, serialization improvements, eloquent date casting, blade aliases, Aargon2 password hashing, UUID methods & Nuno Maduro's Collision package.  

View the release notes.