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A few reasons why we might be the right fit:

Rich Experience

In any industry, it's hard to trump experience. We have helped startups succeed and corporations get to the next level.

Attention to Detail

Our attention to detail has always been a top priority. Many "fast and cheap" technology firms end up being anything but that when fast work keeps returning for revisions.

Understanding Technology

We spend hours studying technology trends to make sure we are on top of emerging technologies.

Joint Partnerships

We have forged relationships working with startups and corporations and know the differences between both. We are able to effectively work with both and can work with payment plans.


We do not miss deadlines. We are very selective with our clients and do not let projects overlap. As a small, hands on firm, this allows us to focus on what is important.

PHP, WordPress & Data Mining

We have been working with PHP since 2000. A driving passion turned that passion into a career, a startup and now a firm. It's been coupled with demand for data mining and WordPress to create a unique toolset to solve unique problems.

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We love to build things. We've built with wood and from titanium to create everything from motorcycles to pens. Although it's more a passion of love than a stream of revenue, it drives us daily.

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You're not going to hit a ridiculously long phone menu when you call. Your email isn't coming to my inbox to never be replied to. We provide the same service we would want from anyone else.

Do you have a product you want to feel? An idea that you want to visualize?

We specialize in turning dreams into reality.

Project Gallery

My better half has always had a way of crushing goals.
This #starrett manual is from 1964 and always has good advice.  Thanks, Grandpa. 
#instamachinist #machinost @starrett_tools @starrett_tools #metrology
Model made and tested.  Making two sets of these fish scale footpegs. One out of aluminum and one out of brass.  I still do 3d printed prototypes, but sometimes the item is just faster to produce.

#Fusion360 #Mach3 #CNCMill #4Axis #BuildNotBought #ChopCult #3dmodel #cam #cad #autodesk
Need a clear #points #cover for your #vintage #harley #davidson #shovelhead or #ironhead? First five people to follow and like this post get one free. US addresses only.  Laser and cnc engraving available  #ironheaduntilimdead #chopperswapper #chopcult @chopcult  #prototype #laboratory #sportster #harleydavidson